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Port Of AES Andres

Latitude:  18º 24,4’N  Longitude:  69º 37.6’W
Dominican Chart 008

AES Andres

Port Of Azua (Puerto Viejo)

Latitude: 18º 30’N   Longitude: 70º 40’W
Admiralty Chart:  471 Unctad Locode:  DO PVA

Azua (Puerto Viejo)

Port Of Barahona

Latitude: 18º12’N  Longitude: 71º 04’W
Admiralty Chart: 471 Unctad Locode: DOBAR


Port Of Boca Chica (Andrés)

Latitude 18°27’N, Longitude 69°35’W

AdmiralityChart: 467, Unctad Locode: DO BCC

Boca Chica (Andrés)

Port Of Cabo Rojo

Latitude:  17º 54’N  Longitude:  71º 40’W
Admiralty Chart:  3689 Unctad Locode:  DO CBJ

Cabo Rojo

Port Of Caucedo

Latitude 18°26’N, Longitude 69°36’W
Unctad Locode: DO CAU


Port Of La Romana

Latitude:  18º 26’N   Longitude:  68º 57′ W
Admiralty Chart:  467 Unctad Locode:  DO BCC

La Romana

Port Of Manzanillo

Latitude:  19º43’N,  Longitude: 71º45’W
Admiralty Chart:  463 Unctad Locode:  DO MAN


Port Of Puerto Plata

Latitude: 19º49’N,  Longitude: 70º42’W
Admiralty Chart:  463,  Unctad Locode:  DO POP

Puerto Plata

Port Of Rio Haina

Latitude:  18º 25’N   Longitude:  70º 00’W
Admiralty Chart:  471   UN Locode: DR HAI

Rio Haina

Port Of Samana (Puerto Duarte or Arroyo Barril)

Latitude: 19º12’N, Longitude: 69º26’W
Admiralty Chart: 463,  Unctad Locode:  NONE

Samana (Puerto Duarte or Arroyo Barril)

Port Of San Pedro de Macoris

Latitude: 18º 26’N  Longitude: 69º 18’W
Admiralty Chart:  467 Unctad Locode:  DO SPM

San Pedro de Macoris

Port Of Santo Domingo

Latitude:  18° 28’N   Longitude:  69° 53’W
Admiralty Chart:  467,  Unctad Locode:  DO SDQ

Santo Domingo



Do not use this coordinates or any of the information above for navigation purposes.

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