Propeller cleaning & Polishing

Fouled propellers slow down the vessel, use more fuel and are less efficient. Depending on the degree of fouling, the ship can have a reduction of up to 12% efficiency. In water polishing results in a finish far superior to that of a dry polish, besides the vessel is not required to interrupt cargo operations which results in time and cost savings making it the preferred method of all experienced ship operators.

D.V Caribbean Marine S.R.L. uses the 3M system with propeller polish pads in grade 3 and 5 to achieve a high quality mirror like finish blades.

We Include:Diver to vessel officer, CCTV live video inspection during operations, Before and after HD still photos of essential areas, Class approved report, Hi Tec underwater polish equipment.

We offer: 24 Hours quotations, Fleet pricing, Programmed regular maintenance programs, 6 to 8 hour timeframes (single props), Countrywide service

We guarantee: To comply with the Job within the pre-established timeframe, Smooth propeller finish, All blades are polished twice with two grades of flexible silicate polishing discs, Immediate fuel savings, Achieve potential fuel savings with programmed propeller polishing with D.V Caribbean Marine S.A


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