Underwater Surveys

The need for detailed and accurate information of the vessels hull & associated structures has become a necessary control measure to ensure optimum maintenance and fiscal planning of the companies Major Assets.   D.V. Caribbean Marine S.R.L. can provide hull & structural integrity Inspection Programs which can be integrated into existing fleet management systems.

We Include:Class approved report, Damage and stage report of propeller, rudder, stern tube seals, anodes and ICCP, bilge keel, thrusters -inspection, Shell plating, Before and after HD still photos of essential areas, Underwater video.

We offer: Fleet pricing, Programmed regular maintenance programs, Countrywide service, Diver to Vessel, CCTV live video on operations, 24 Hours quotations.

Damage assessment report describe hull cracks and other damage; the services are backed by full CCTV and video footage plus technical reports, which provide assessments of general hull condition, damage and the state of ships’ coatings.

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