Anode Instalations

Our service provides professional anode replacements, including “through hull fitting anodes”.

Anodes keep your valuable parts of your vessel from corroding. Extensive growth or worn out anodes don’t provide the protection for your metal parts and those essential parts can start corroding. Regular checks and timely replacement of your anodes will keep your vessel in good shape. We will work with you to determine when and how often your anodes will need to be replaced to provide you with the most cost effective protection to your vessel.

We Include: Damage and stage report of Anodes and ICCP, Diver to Vessel, CCTV live video on operations, Class approved report, Damage and stage report of propeller, rudder, stern tube seals, bilge keel, thrusters inspection, Shell plating, Before and after HD still photos of essential areas, Underwater video.

We offer: 24 Hours quotations, Countrywide services, Anode replacements and parts.

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